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None of your team would fall for this USB trick, would they?

The likelihood of a cyber criminal succeeding in their robbery attempt is high. Although you might think that your company’s security specialists would spot any attempted attack, you may be surprised. We see a lot of clever individuals – in addition to many business leaders – fall victim to the scam over time.

The latest method of fraud is very old-fashioned and appears to be the reason why so many people are duped. It’s a simple yet effective scam. They use USB drives to deliver the message. The package and branding make it appear that Microsoft Office Professional Plus (it’s not) has been up to date (it hasn’t).

When you plug the USB drive into your computer, it will alert you to a “virus” and ask for help with a support line. The message on the package is false, which is why Microsoft has confirmed that the drives don’t arrive from the company (unprompted).

A scammer at the other end will pretend to remove a virus before asking for payment details to complete your subscription setup. If a physical USB drive arrives in your office, you might be persuaded by its authenticity and the old-fashioned belief that it’s from Microsoft.

You might also get fooled by the mixture of the physical USB, the fake Microsoft support line, and the old-fashioned belief that it’s from Microsoft. We’re expecting elaborate, clever attacks via email. We’re not as attentive to the combined events as we should be.

To avoid this scam, this is also a good time to review the software and staff training you use to protect your business.

You need the right combination of the two… we can help with that. Get in touch.

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